Want a slimmer face? Learn these 3 makeup tips to enhance your face...

If you’ve ever seen celebrities looking completely unrecognizable with a full face of makeup, then you know exactly how transformative certain techniques can be.

Armed with these same makeup artist tricks and tips, these 3 easy makeup tricks can take 10 pounds off your look, instantly.

The creative director od BM Pro, Banke Meshida-Lawal, shares her top tips on how to make your face look slimmer by enhancing your favorite features.

1. Apply Bronzer

To never have a double chin in photos again, apply bronzer along your jawline to deäne the area. Blend the shade to create a seamless contour.

2. Contour Your Face Appropriately

Fake a thinner nose: swipe a contour powder down the sides of the bridge of your nose (stop before you get to the nostrils). Blend highlighter down the bridge of your nose in a vertical line.

3. Create Optical Illusion

Create the illusion of thinner cheeks by applying your contour shade in a diagonal line from the center of your cheek to the ear. Make a slight “äsh face” while you do this to ägure out the perfect placement, and don’t forget to blend.

The higher you place your contour shade, the sharper your cheekbones will look. Swipe highlighter across the tops of the cheekbones to really bring out the contour.

SOURCE: https://www.weddingdigestnaija.com