See the new beauty trend everyone is talking about: Stained-glass makeup beauty trend...

In the midst of many bizarre beauty looks such as squiggly eyebrows and wavy lips comes along a new mesmerizing style: stained-glass makeup. Swoon!

Shown off by popular beauty vloggers such as James Charles, stained-glass makeup is a vibrant splash of colors strategically pieced together for a makeup masterpiece.

The artsy pattern can be worn on eyes, lips, or even your entire face if you really feel like taking it there.

Charles showed his rendition of the look by sharing a video on Instagram of himself rocking a backward baseball cap, gray sweatshirt, and stained-glass-like graphic eyeliner and lips.


stained glass

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His finished look might not be your next go-to daily routine, but it’s quite incredible to stare at. Oh, and that highlight of his — it’s like icing on a pretty cake!

Since sharing, Charles’s post has garnered more than 494,000 views and loads of mixed reactions with comments such as “I can’t stop looking at it,” “You are so incredibly talented,” and “SLAY MAMA!!”


Look I am not one to Diss another artist or anything or try to start drama, but this needs called out. My best friend @makeup_frenzy_girl has struggled thru cancer and in order to feel beautiful when she had no hair she began using makeup and in the process became an amazing self taught artist. We have been trying to build up her if and Facebook for over 5 years and her Facebook took off but her IG she struggled. Recently she has had major brands notice her and is doing amazing. Last month we sat down and decided to try to come up with something that would be a good trend and I suggested stained glass because she is an artist I just do everyday makeup and I know she would execute it and kill it and she did! She got about 1,000 likes and ended up in the trending section on IG and all of a Sudden two days later this guys @jamescharles posts a similar (not exact but same exact idea) look and is taking credit for the idea and for starting the trend. My friend has 27.4k followers while this man has 2.4 million and didnt credit her as the artist who started it so he is taking the credit for our idea, kinda how Kylie did with that artist for her cosmetic line. I'm calling him out, the beauty community deserves to know what kind of person he is. Please repost this, he needs to give credit to the original well deserving artist! I attached her look, his look, the trending topic page and the original pics I sent her as inspo to do this over s month ago. #jamescharles #makeupfrenzy #makeupartist #makeupismyart #myfaceismycanvas #beautycommunity #trending #makeuptrends #browsonfleek #browtrend #muafollowtrain2017 #muafollowtrain #mua #makeupbesties #stainedglass #stainedglassmakeup #art #ideatheif #nyxcosmetics #nyx #anastasiabeverylyhills #abh #kvd #kvdlook #beautyblogger #makeupreview

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While his post continues to gain lots of traction, Charles himself may not have been the originator of the look.

Another makeup lover who goes by beautifuldisastermakeup on Instagram called out that her best friend makeup_frenzy_girl was one of the first to share the unique look.

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It’s hard to say who really set off the blossoming trend, but either way, it is now growing slowly but surely. Keep scrolling to see some of the best versions of the stained-glass makeup look popping up all over social media.