Personality traits - your best makeup you can ever imagine of in this world...

The way your hair is styled and your makeup is done, aren't the only things that determine whether or not you come across as beautiful.

Your personality can have as big an impact on someone as your external traits do. The more appealing your personality is, the more beautiful you will start to look.

Here are some of the personality traits that will make you seem prettier:

• Optimistic

Optimistic people are always smiling and do not look weighed down by the stress of worrying. The more positive you are, the more people will want to look through the world with your eyes because they will find them so beautiful.

It is an incentive to stay positive.

• Confidence

If you stand with your back straight and your head held high, you will look way more gorgeous than if you were slouching and scowling.

Some of this have to be with your posture but it mostly has to do with your confidence level.

The more comfortable you look in your body, the more people will enjoy looking at it. Confidence creates cuteness.

• Charismatic

It is important to have a way with words. Aside from your body language, it is your only way of communicating with another human being.

Since such a large portion of your day will involve speaking, charisma is something crucial to have.

But do not fret if you are not good at socialising or being outspoken. Step in front of a mirror and practice until you get better. It is a trait you learn.

• Humble

If you walk around claiming that you are hot stuff, people will be bothered by your cockiness. However, if you remain humble, people will appreciate the fact that you are so amazing and do not even act like you are better than anyone else.

If you want to seem like a beautiful person, then you should remain humble and not go about blowing your own horn.

• Friendly

What could possibly be more important than being friendly? When you are nice to others, they will never look at you and be disgusted.

They will only see someone amazing that they love spending time with – and we all know that when you love being around someone, they start to look prettier to you.

So, always be nice and it will pay off.