Ladies and Gentlemen: Get to understand casual dress code, and how to look decent....

Achieving a casual look is not a simple feat. The term casual can represent different styles of grooming to a varied number of people.

The approach with this dress code is certainly more laid back than others.

The focus is on creating a decent look simply and effortlessly.

Nevertheless, this does not give the license to bring out our ripped or torn jeans, slogan-riddled T-shirts, disused clothes and tattered slippers and shoes, screaming casual oooo, casual ooo.


casual wear for men and women 3                                                     Photo: Casual wear for men

For men, jeans are quite acceptable, including khaki pants, cargo shorts (3/4) and not too dressy trousers.

Polo shirts are admissible with little or no writing on them, and T-shirts without slogans. A casual button down short sleeve shirt is also optional while conservative colours and patterns are a must for a formal setting like the office.

Loafers, sandals and some canvas shoes are acceptable depending on the work environment.

This is certainly not the time for sloppy grooming and without regard to your colleagues. So, avoid tattered jeans, shirts and bad footwear.


casual wear for men and women 2                                                      Photo: Casual wear for women

The casual dress code suggests something not too dressy rather more relaxed. Jeans and dark colours are better option for the business office.

Dresses are also a good choice. They can be knee length or longer. Colours can be in the soft to the light range, especially in a formal setting.

Generally, flat shoes, flat sandals and wedge sandals are considered casual and can be worn to compliment your clothes.

Skirts or jeans can be paired with cowl neck, turtleneck or button-down blouses. T-shirts can also be worn.

It’s not advisable to wear torn or ripped jeans, bare tubes and camisoles all in the name of casual. Slippers should be left for shopping in the market or going off to the beach.

Now you know these basic dress codes. Remember to honour your guest by keeping to the dress code stated in your invite.

It’s not funny to be awkwardly attired to an important function, trust me. Ignorance is not an excuse so when in doubt please ask.

-The Mirror