How to choose the right wedding dress for your day (Part 2)...

Rectangular shaped lady

The body frame of the rectangular shaped lady has similar measurements for the waist, hips and shoulder because of the tall lanky frame with long limbs, no defined waist and very little body curves.

This basically makes them lack curves in certain areas of their body to give them a feminine look. Therefore they need to create curves with the type or kind of clothes they choose to put on.

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This particular wedding dress is so appropriate for this shape because it has curves everywhere. The fold of the material sweeps around the body horizontally across.

The gathers from the knees down on the lower part of the wedding dress helps by creating multiple curves to give a feminine look. This in turn diverts attention from the lanky frame.

The lovely long arms are emphasised making her look slender and sleek while the studded waist line makes the wearer look slender with curves.

Inverted triangle

One identifying feature of the inverted triangle lady lies in her large upper body and sometimes busty frame.

The focus, therefore, is on highlighting their strong and lovely shoulders and in creating volume for the lower body part.

To this end, all puffy sleeves must be avoided. Extra weight around the shoulder is definitely not advisable.

The V-neck line accentuates the beautiful shoulders and makes her look feminine. The layering of the peplum from the knees down, creates an artificial hips and enables the wearer have symmetry all over the body.

It also creates volume for the lower body part which in turn lends a symmetrical look to the whole body frame. Focus is therefore directed to the upper body part which looks symmetrical all over.

Hour glass

Ladies with this type of body shape will find that most wedding dresses will go well with their shape. They have what people often refer to as coca cola shape. They should learn what will work best and look very well with their figure.

This particular wedding dress brings out the curves in the right places. It emphasises the slender waistline and provides an overall feminine appeal to the wearer.

The mermaid style of the gown is appropriate in showcasing the symmetrical body shape. This makes the dress perfect for those with the hour glass figure.

Dress for pregnant brides

If you are pregnant and have opted to have a wedding and marry in a wedding dress, you must equally ensure that you choose a wedding dress that will suit your physique as well as ensure that your stomach is modestly concealed.

So avoid extremely tight wedding dresses and opt for dresses which will provide you with much needed comfort.

The dress above is comfortable enough to make you still look stylish and pretty on your D-day. The openings in front makes it easy for the stomach to fit in and yet still look regal.

So there! You now have all the necessary information to choose the perfect wedding dress for your beautiful wedding.

Still, not sure? You are welcome to contact me for further advice.

Have a lovely memorable wedding day!