This is just for the ladies and it's all about Sassy Skirts...

The skirt is one of the faithful partners of both young and older women. Even tomboys who love their mannish attire love to keep a skirt or two in their closets. No matter how much the fashion keeps evolving, skirts have always been a cornerstone in the clothing industry.

What makes it an integral part of women is the fact that it can be worn to almost any kind of event being it formal, casual, semi-formal, the night club, church, funeral, party or evening sporting events.

All you need to know is the right type of skirt to wear to a particular event. For example, it is out of place to wear a micro skirt with all the sparkles that is suitable for the night club to a job interview.

Besides, they can be made of any type of fabric from the cheapest to the very expensive fabrics. There are skirts made from polished or unpolished cotton, rayon, nylon, organza, linen, lace, fur, leather, beads, denim, khaki, polyester, rubber among others.

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The history and evolution of skirts shows that skirts are one of the oldest styles of garment known to mankind: after the loincloth, it was the skirt that graced the human form. Once a rectangular piece of material, be it animal skin or leaves woven together, was wrapped around the waist, the essential skirt was created.

For some people, skirts are either maxi, midi or mini. Yes, these are indeed the lengths of most skirts but each style has a name.

For instance, you can buy or get your tailor to design for you are ‘A-line’ which fits firmly at the waist and Godet skirts which provides women with a slimming look.

You can go for Straight skirts which are suitable for formal events such as weddings, corporate events and parties.

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Tube and Pencil skirts are very suitable for formal events and formal work place settings, while Wraps are suitable for both thinner and curvier women because the fabric is looser.

Circular skirts have short and longer variations and are suitable for formal as well as special occasions. The Draped skirt and Tulip skirts both create a slimming effect for ladies who are curvy.

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Skirts can be sassy, flirty, businesslike, severe, fun or elegant, but all of them definitely emphasise one quality; and that is femininity.

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