Fascinators: Unique hair accessories for special occasions...

They are called fascinators and hatinators. Easily attached to the hair with combs, headband or clips, they are not just headpieces made with feathers, flowers and net, but perfect women hair styling accessories that usually attract the eyes and make one stand out in the crowd on a special occasion.

Be it a wedding, church event or any special occasion that requires an extraordinary touch, the fascinator or hatinator gives a woman an outstanding look.

Though hats have long been the traditional choice for ladies on special occasions, fascinators have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The endorsement

The hair accessories have received endorsement by celebrities and royalty such as Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Until recently, fascinators, a style of formal millinery (the designing and manufacture of hats), were very popular among the British and associated mostly with occasions with the royals.

But the trend took a drastic turn when Kate Middleton and other prominent guests wore the headpiece to her wedding with Prince William in 2011.

Fascinators 2

The event seemed to have prompted thousands of women worldwide to follow the trend, which raised the demand and sales of fascinators and hatinators.

The Telegraph newspaper of the United Kingdom, for instance, reported that sales of fascinators increased by 300 per cent following the wedding.

The hatinator

The hatinator, which seems to be a new term associated with the hair accessory, is said to have emerged in the early 2010s, and it is used to describe headgear that combines the features of a hat and a fascinator.

A hatinator has more structure than a fascinator and it is also in vogue as milliners bring their creativity to bear.

The services of fascinators and hatinators are particularly popular at weddings, church events, dinner and fairly formal events.

In Ghana, the demand for hair fascinators among women in recent times cannot be overlooked as they have gradually replaced the traditional hat worn for occasions.

In an interview with some women, they described the fascinator as one of the perfect ways to look different for special occasions.

Mrs Doreen Andoh, a journalist, said: “Fascinators are easy and versatile to wear, and allow you to show off your hairstyle.”

Fascinators 3

“It makes you look glamorous and gives you the perfect finishing touch. It is indeed a perfect replacement of the traditional hat,” Ms Eunice Ayivi said.

Unique blueprint

One of such trendy producers of exclusive fascinators and hatinators in Accra is Mrs Doreen Aidoo-Bervell, the Chief Executive Officer of Renny’s Glitters.

Motivated by creativity, arts, style and passion to make fascinators, she makes designs ranging from a simple handmade net material and feathers to a crystal coated feather arrangement for special occasions.

“I started the business after I learnt it from a friend and the motivation I had in doing it grew from the inspiration of observing natural objects and other elements and principles of designs such as lines, shapes, textures and colours,” she said.

Although she made other accessories such as beads and necklace, she said the fascinators were one of her works which allowed her to show off her creativity.

With the combination of sinamay (one of the most popular hat-making foundations in the world, which is woven from the processed stalks of the abaca tree), wool felt, feathers, crystal and other ornaments to make these attractive headpieces, the brand, Renny Glitters, has made a name for itself since its inception in 2013.

The growing market and demand for the fascinators and hatinators have attracted not only the buyers but the producers as well.

Creative styles

“What makes my brand unique is the fact that I am able to add my own creative styles and embellishment that are not on the market. I also pay more attention to details to make it neat and outstanding,” she said.

Considering the nature of fascinators, she said, “it has no age barrier. It is made for all ages depending on the occasion, because it embellishes your hair and your appearance for the occasion”.

Asked if brides could use fascinators on their special day, Mrs Aidoo-Bervell explained that brides may choose to wear the fascinators as alternative to a bridal veil or hat.

“There are bridal fascinators with a full or halfway veil and the bridesmaid can do with small or no veil attached to the fascinators,” she stated.

She further indicated that she had taken advantage of social media to advertise products of Renny Glitters on such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, BBM and twitter.

The trend is a clear indication that women care about fancy hair accessories.

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