You write and talk rubbish - Yvonne Nelson insults back...

[BY: George Awiadem Maclean]

The past one week or so has seen a flurry of attacks on the Ghanaian media by some artistes who see themselves as celebrities here in Ghana.

Their beef? The media in Ghana only report, publishe and talk rubbish/nonsense about them and nothing else. 

Shatta Wale, for instance, is reported to have said that the media in Ghana is the most foolish and useless one anybody can think of in this world after he was alleged to have been arrested by the police for a traffic offense.

And currently, what is on the lips of many and on replay is the "Free Press" track done by Sarkodie to register his frustrations and disappointments about what he terms as the not supportive, wanton reportage and the negative nature of the Ghanaian media.

"Celebrities" like John Dumelo, Chase and some others have publicly declared their support for Sarkodie.

And now, the new "kid on the block (funny, isn't it?)" to join this bandwagon is our own Yvonne Nelson 'Michael Jackson', the world's unofficial ambassador for Queen Elizabeth's Cocoa Butter, who says she is used to the crap (or nonsense) of the Ghanaian media, particularly those who refer to themselves as bloggers.

Yvonne Nelson sarcastically wrote on her facebook's timeline: "Did you know that...? Thank you to all the bloggers who DISS/Praise me on daily made it happen..and oh, plus I'm freaking hard working!

"I'm s-o-o-o used to their crap. I wake up every morning and wonder why they haven't written anything about me. Just keep it coming."

She said this in response to a tweet by Heritage Holdings that sought to announce to the whole world that she (Yvonne Nelson 'Michael Jackson') is the most celebrated Ghanaian personality with a huge following than any other here in Ghana.

Herritage Holdings

Yvonne Nelson 'Michael Jackson' also had a word of advice for all artistes or entertainers: "A little advice to every entertainer: You will get there when you are meant to get there... So relax...breathe and be patient."