Who makes a song a hit: Is it the DJ, Music Producer or the Artiste?...

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In these modern times when the production/making and distribution of music or a song to finally reach its intended or targeted audience is really getting more complex; it has somewhat become very difficult to pinpoint and say exactly whether it is the Artiste, the Music Producer or the Disc Jockey (DJ)/Presenter who makes a song a hit/success and very much so, pleasing to the listening ears.

The works of the Artiste, the Music Producer and the DJ/Presenter are clearly defined: the Artiste sits somewhere in his/her corner and out of some inspiration write the lyrics for the song; the Music Producer with his/her technical expertise deduces from the song written by the artiste to produce a music accompaniment (the laying of tracks) to make it a full song (lyrics plus its instrumentation); and the DJ/Presenter finally promotes the song and it either becomes a success or a huge mess!

Back in the day, the role of the DJ, for instance, was even a missing link in this chain or equation of who actually made a song a hit/popular with respect to our Highlife or any of the other traditional songs we were and are still producing.

Even though most of the performances enjoyed back in the day by the natives in a certain community and its environs were mostly played for free by musicians, it had to take the efforts of a talented solo artiste (it could also be a group) to pick up and play an instrument whilst he/she did sing along to make his/her music popular without the existence of a DJ or even the Technical Music Producer.

However, with technological advancement --- and as music has become heavily commercialized --- it has virtually become impossible not to include the efforts and inputs put in by the Music Producer and the DJ to that of the Artiste in making a song become a hit or probably a huge flop!

We could even stretch this argument to include the efforts by an Executive Music Producer, the wholesaler or Distributor, the Retailer and the "new kid" on the block in our part of the world, a website (like Bigtimerz.com) or the internet in playing a vital role in making a song become a hit/success.

You take one or two out of the equation/chain and you do so at your own peril!!!

That notwithstanding, this writer strongly believes that classically, the Artiste claims and maintains a constant of 50 in percentage terms and leaves the rest of the 50% to be shared amongst the Music Producer and the DJ depending on their individual inputs or efforts added in making a song, a success.

DJ Andy Dosty

Mind you, some artistes even double as either a Music Producer or a DJ or even the three put together. Then in that case, the artiste even takes a huge chunk of the overall 100% allocation.

This insightful question was treated as a full subject on Solid 103.7 FM's Entertainment Edge (in Kumasi) where the host, Tony Best, a second-time RTP nominee, sought to squeeze answers out of his analytically analytical and swift panelists (Atopa, Fuzzy, Prince of PDF, Willy, King David (New Generation, TV Africa) King Sheygey Buoy (this writer, ) plus his producers (Henry Jack and Daakye Hene) and that of his discerning listeners.

They all shared their varied opinions and as usual, as some went in for the DJ with their concrete reasons, the others, too, settled on either the Artiste or the Music Producer.

When Kofi B, a popular Highlife musician, was called and pushed by the host to stick his neck out for one of the three, this is what he had to say:

"They all play important roles in making a song a hit/success but it is mostly with the artiste who writes/composes the song who makes that huge impact."

Galaxy, a music duo, who were on the show to promote their songs and Slimbo, a music producer, all shared their opinions on the subject matter.

Majority of the callers on the flip side went in favour of the artiste being the one who plays the most critical and important role in making a song a success/hit as it all starts with him or her.

So exactly where do we draw the line: is it the artiste or the music producer or the DJ who makes a song a hit/success or a mess? Share your opinions with us here!

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SOURCE: Bigtimerz.com