I just can’t believe my eyes of what I’m seeing Joselyn Dumas do here. Really?! Do you see what I’m seeing???

I think I need some goggles to view the below photos properly.

Was the beautiful actress actually sweeping or giving us some kind of Azonto dance moves that I’m not aware of?

Is it that she can't sweep or what? And she's an African woman? What a wooow!

So of all the places in Accra, was this the only place she could go and show us her sweeping skills?

So what happened to the filth at the surroundings of the ‘Odawna river’? And who even made her join that campaign?

Is it even by force to join a campaign team and pose for the cameras so everybody would know you were also there ‘some’?

Of course, the idea of being part of such a good course is great but please, please, please Sister Untie Joselyn Dumas, never repeat this act for your reward can never in heaven wai! Hehehe!

Or simply put, never pick up the broom stick and act like you’re sweeping just for the cameras. Just take a back seat the next time you are on such a ‘wonderful’ assignment.

It looks like you even look too beautiful for this kind of job:):):)

Here is the rundown:

PIC ONE: That’s when she (Joselyn Dumas) was battle ready and gearing up to show Ghana her sweeping Azonto skills.

PIC TWO: This was when she was assessing how sweeping whilst dancing Azonto was going to be like.

PIC THREE: This was when she had started the ‘real’ action of sweeping all the filth in Ghana.

PIC FOUR: Yes, and she did it in a grand style. It was time for her to applaud her own self for a good job done! Thanks Miss Joselyn Dumas!!!

Joselyn Dumas sweeping 1         Joselyn gearing up to show Ghana her sweeping Azonto skills

Joselyn Dumas sweeping 2            Joselyn Dumas assessing the whole situation

Joselyn Dumas sweeping 3            Joselyn Dumas zooms into action to sweep the whole Ghana:-):-):-)

Joselyn Dumas sweeping 4           Finally, Joselyn Dumas applauds herself for a good job done! 

SOURCE: Bigtinz.com