Please be warned and stay safe whilst you surf the internet otherwise...

If you're looking for some visual stimulation, you might want to avoid super-popular p0rn site Redtube for the time being [via Gizmodo].

Hackers have infected the homepage with malware.

Visiting the homepage will redirect users to a site that will infect their computer with Trojans, stealing their data and giving them more viruses.

Yes, this is pretty much the only way you can get a virus while masturbating.

Hopefully, at this point, no one needs to be told not to click on all those p0rn ads that pop up (there are no hot singles in your area looking to bone, I hate to break it to you), but in this instance, just visiting the site can put you at risk.

So if you need your p0rn fix and Redtube is typically your go-to, for the time being can I recommend pretty much the rest of the Internet?

UPDATE: Redtube has since resolved the issue and their site is up and running again. They've released an official statement:

The continuing proliferation of malware attacks have made them a concern for any organization. This past Sunday, leading provider of adult content RedTube was exposed to an attack for a brief period of time. Our security systems immediately detected the breach and we took direct action to rectify the situation in order to protect RedTube users. The situation was fully resolved by Sunday evening and there is no longer any risk to visiting RedTube.