Vybrant Faya causes a stir by setting a record with $150,000 concert...

Shatta Movement Family's new artiste, Vybrant Faya, has set a record that beats imaginations per the already set standards here in Ghana.

Considering the hassle fairly new artistes go through in this country, one would have never expected Vybrant Faya to headline a big show that cost $150,000 let alone make such a high mark by pulling a mammoth crowd.

In fact, Bigtimerz.com has yet to know of any new artiste who has been able to achieve such feat as Vybrant Faya.

It was an awesome night full of hot performances. 

 When the main act for the night, Vybrant Faya, got on stage, the fans just couldn't stop chanting  "mampi, mampi, mampi".

Vybrant Faya sets a new record 2

Indeed the giants of dancehall music in Ghana really came out to play on that night. Iwan, Rudebouy Rankin, Ras Kuuku and many other top artistes of the dancehall genre including the main act of the evening, Vybrant Faya –D'Mampi General, all put up spectacular performances on stage.

"It was the biggest dancehall event of all time to have hit the country" – an impressed fan said. Residents of the Alajo community where the event took place confessed that, they have never witnessed such excitement in the area before and entreated the organizers to repeat the dancehall action next year.

Shatta Movement Family, a talent management company that manages Vybrant Faya, put the 'Vybrant Faya Live Concert' together for the 'mampi' hit maker.

The concert which came off at the Alajo street on Saturday 27th December 2014 was designed purposely to launch Vybrant Faya into his first public performance as a professional dancehall musician.

The event is which said to have cost a whopping USD 150,000 was fully sponsored by the Shatta Movement Family (SMF).

Vybrant Faya sets a new record 3

The entire organization was contracted to a brand entity called Corporate Brand.

The show was professionally organized without any technical hitches and had a smooth running right from the start to the end.

Joni Blaze and Mr. Logic were the MCs for the night. This concert stands as the first ever musical concert in Ghana that was started on time and ran fully and smoothly without any difficulties.

The show was on point and the VIP lounge for the guest artistes was a novelty.

In all, the Vybrant Faya Concert is one sweet and exciting experience worth repeating.

Kudos to the SMF crew.