The girl who's killing Shatta Wale, gets a song in her name...

WRITTEN BY: Wajaja King         

There is already news out there of a certain lady fan who has tattooed the name of her "idol", Shatta Wale and his Shatta Movement (SM4Life), at the back of her shoulder just for the love she has for the dance hall king.

Shatta Wale, the self-styled dance hall king, in return has also 'honoured' his number one fan who goes by the name, Abena Jamaica, by making a song in her name.

The song is titled "Abena Jamaica."

That is very good of Shatta Wale, isn't it?

If all 'loyal' artistes like Shatta Wale were to honour their number one fans by making songs in their names, I guess....:)

As for us ( Ghana's no1 and Africa's biggest entertainment platform), what really caught our attention was the above picture of Abena Jamaica which shows her...ermm...errm...errm...I don't even know why things have all of a sudden become blurred at this point...:):):)

We can't see anymore ooO! By the way, we hope you're seeing what we are seeing:) :) :)

We've actually combed and searched the whole of Nima, New Town, Korle Go, DC, Tumu Town and all the adjoining ghettos where the Shatta Movement reigns and where Shatta Wale also claims in the song, Abena Jamaica has conquered but we couldn't find her.

Please, Shatta Wale, kindly let us in on your number one fan's whereabouts "small". This is just a passionate appeal wai...:)

Shatta Abena Jamaica 3

And if you didn't quite get that clear, all that we are saying is 'we dey beg you waaaa', please Shatta Wale, the dance hall king, ina the whole Ghana! :) :) :)

Argh, why must you be the only who should know Abena Jamaica's whereabouts?

Anyway, you can also let us know her whereabouts but be warned and be told that what we will be doing with her if you show us her hiding place, is none of your business..wink wink wink :) :) :)

Shatta Abena Jamaica 2