The ‘biegya’ nonsense we all celebrated: Mary is back again, alleges Shatta Wale, Yaa Pono, others also b0nked her hard...

I hope you haven’t forgotten so soon about the one-time ‘celebrity’ of GH, Mary Obeng who became popular for attempting suicide after her ‘bad boy lover’, Criss Waddle had bonked and dumped her miserably???

Yes! She is back again in the news!!!

Mary is reported to have said that, not only did she have a thing to do with the AMGBusiness CEO, Criss Waddle, but she also had on some occasions opened her legs wide for the likes of Shatta Wale, Yaa Pono and some others to bonk her hard.

{Wooow, this ‘small’ girl must be having some tasty sweet p*ssy then! (Eiii Mary Obeng, you alone, you go die ooO…hmmmm)}

The 19-Year-old Mary Obeng, who is reported to have made this allegation on Takoradi-based radio station Empire 102.7FM, also revealed that her suicide attempt was staged. Really? And what was that for???

Revisited: Criss Waddle gets away with this Mary ‘biegya’ nonsense and people were happy?

Criss Kwaku Waddle, a Ghanaian artiste, had been trending like hell sometime last year. The reason? For freely bonking and dumping a certain then 18-year-old Kumasi hippy girl simply known as Mary Obeng.

This ‘small’ Kumasi hippy girl is said to have travelled “all the way (in the voice of Efya at the GMAs)” from her Ayeduase abode in Kumasi and visited Criss Kwaku Waddle (not in his dreams though) at his Prampram residence after the two had connected on Instagram. And the rest, they say, is history.

Criss Waddle plays smart, Mary acts stupidly

criss kwaku waddle mary biegya 2                 Photo: Criss Waddle with Mary at the fitting shop

Mary, we had been told, requested to take a photo with Criss Waddle at his residence after all the “choppable” and “biegya” moments had taken place but the latter is reported to have declined the former that ‘finest’ opportunity.

I wish I could pardon ‘small’ girl Mary for her sheer stupidity and her great sense of immaturity for making that request at that time but, because she felt she was ‘old’ enough to have started a sex-tinged journey from Kumasi to Prampram just to open widely her two legs at “181 Degree Celsius” with some enviable turns and twists plus some wicked ‘bedroomatic’ styles just to wow the unofficial biegya man, I won’t.

Simply put, Mary is one dumb girl. Want to know why? Good! Let’s go on.

Mary’s photo request, as said she in a recorded audio, was only granted when they moved out of Criss’ residence to a fitting shop. And even at the fitting shop, the request was granted because other fans of his (Criss Waddle) were making similar demands. (See the immediate photo above)

LESSON 1: At this point, Mary should have been ‘old’ enough to have reasoned---the same way she widely opened her legs to be bonked---that after she had given the unofficial biegya man (remember Archipalgo still remains the official biegya man) what he wanted, he was perhaps not satisfied with her “below average performance” and as a result, was no more interested in her. Maybe, just maybe, Criss Waddle expected more or something like…erm…erm…erm some hot a$$ f*cking considering how biiig ‘small’ girl Mary’s a$$ is but…!

(Charlie, make you no forget sey this hot a$$ f*cking tin now be the ‘new’ ish amongst some Ghanaian male ‘celebrities’ ooO. Just dare me, and ago prove tinz to you!)

LESSON 2: Mary should have known that the unofficial biegya man was wise enough not to have taken the photo anywhere close to his residence so that, there was never going to be any kind of hardcore  ‘evidence’ in his trail just in case something ‘terrible’ happened after their sex escapades.

“Charlie, Mary, you lose guard make Criss Waddle use the ‘format’ chop you for free. Or, I hear sey you get som GHC 500 bi…ebi true, Holy Mary?”

(Next time, if you need some serious lessons, tactics and strategies, just get in touch with me. “I dey 24/7!” lol)

Now you understand why I described ‘small’ girl Mary as one dumb girl???

Remember, this Mary story isn’t the first, and won’t be the last either. Just mark it here!

By the way, why are some Ghanaian girls so greedy? They always want to become celebrities overnight by reaping where they haven’t sown!

The “I still love Criss Waddle” nonsense after her suicide Attempt

criss kwaku waddle mary biegya 3                   Photo: Mary Obeng after her suicide attempt

Actually, the first story that broke which introduced Holy Mary to the whole world was her attempt at suicide for being jilted by Criss Waddle. Honestly, I still understand why the Ghana Police failed to act swiftly by arresting for her suicide attempt.

Upon all that had happened, Mary still claimed in some media reportage that she loved the unofficial “Biegya” man to bits. Now you see why I said Mary was dumb? In fact, Mary you’re still dumb. Wake up once more from your deep slumber. Do you understand what it means to “fall in love” with some “biegya” specialist?

By the way, Holy Mary, the next time you want to commit suicide, don’t stupidly “caught” your hand as you said in the video but just come to me and I will show you how to commit proper suicide. Loolz!

Criss Waddle acts stupidly, Mary acts more stupidly

criss kwaku waddle mary biegya 4Picture: The nude photo of Mary allegedly leaked by Criss Waddle

So, whilst Holy Mary was going round telling everybody that she was still in love with the “Biegya” Man to bits, she had no idea her nude photo had been leaked by no other person than her “Biegya” man.

And according to Holy Mary who confirmed that indeed she is the one in one of the leaked photos, Criss Waddle told her he only wanted to ‘appreciate’ her succulent body whilst she was away by taking that nude photo of her. Whaaaat!

POINT TO NOTE: Judging from the above voluptuous naked photo of Mary, it shows the ‘small’ girl was really in for the ‘match’ because it takes someone with pornographic imaginations to take such a wild sex-teasing photo.

Holy Mary after realizing her naked photos had been leaked makes a quick U-turn to diss Criss Waddle – the same person she (Holy Mary) had earlier announced to the whole world she was still in love with - as having the smallest dick in GH. Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute! Do you mean the biggest trick he used in bonking you, Holy Mary???


I think both ‘Holy’ Mary and her former boyfriend, Criss Kwaku the unofficial “biegya” Waddle have all been left off the hook by the Police.

If only this “choppable” and “biegya” story had been taken seriously, both the “biegya” and “dumgya” would have by now been facing the law.

‘Holy’ Mary had a case of suicide attempt to answer and Criss Waddle, the unofficial “biegya” man, has a case of damaging some desperate girl’s reputation by leaking her nude photo.


By George Awiadem Maclean