Showdown: If Frank Gharbin doesn’t ‘finish’ me today, I will - Agya Koo...

[By: George Awiadem Maclean  EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

One-time Ghana’s most favourite movie actor, Alexander Kofi Adu aka Agya Koo has fired the strongest of all missiles yet at movie director, Frank Fiifi Garbin aka King Soba of an imminent bout of the century between the two that is going to shake the foundations of the Ghana movie industry.

According to an enraged Agya Koo, Frank Fiifii Garbin aka King Soba has for the past 4 years been denting his credibility and ‘sitting on his happiness’ literally in the movie industry for no tangible reasons and it is about time he dealt with him.

Reacting to earlier comments made by Frank Fiifi Gharbin to the effect that Agya Koo had refused to take a ‘whooping’ GHc 4000 (40 million old Ghana Cedis) for a role in just 10 scenes a day in a new movie which has Van Vicker as the executive producer, Agya Koo told Porpor Shew, host of the Boss countdown on BOSS 93.7 FM in Kumasi, that he can’t understand why Frank Gharbin aka King Soba has made it his business to keep pulling him (Agya Koo) down by consistently fomenting troubles for him (Agya Koo).

“As a law abiding citizen, you can only seek redress in a court of law if someone wants to dent your hard won reputation. This is not the first time. And the last time it did happen, I took him (King Soba) to court.

“Ghanaians should listen carefully, all that I said to him (King Soba) was that I was going to charge him the same amount I have been charging all these years but he refused and rather chose to give me a lesser amount and when I requested to speak with the executive producer of the movie, he denied me access to him as well.

“Enough is enough, Porpor Shew! I want to use your medium to let all Ghanaians know that I’m no more going to toy with this issue and I don’t want to have anything to do with him on radio any longer.

“From now onwards, anywhere King Soba meets me, he should run and find a place to hide himself or else, all hell will break loose.

“Ghanaians will soon be witnessing the biggest showdown ever between the two of us.

“It is either he kills me or I rather end his life,” furious Agya Koo threatened.

It had been reported early on that an amicable settlement had been reached between the two to bury their differences over a disagreement they had shooting a local movie titled “Okomfo Anokye.”

And in the said movie, Agya Koo who played the lead character of the famous Okomfo Anokye was required to show his buttocks in one of the scenes of which he blatantly refused to do.