See what the Yoruba man did with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg...

When the Yoruba man wants to be Nigeria’s Super Green Eagles’ goal keeper but can’t find a way to tell Mark Zuckerberg of facebook, this is what happens.

I just love the Nigerians for one thing: they would never let any opportunity slip them by especially when it is so obvious the ‘Oga’ man stands to benefit tremendously.

A few days ago, the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was in Nigeria to do some business, and also for the launch of a Satellite intended to improve Internet connectivity for Africa which got exploded in the process.
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On the lighter side, when Mark decided to take a selfie with President Buari of Nigeria and a couple of other guys, our own Yoyruba man (in deep blue) didn't want to give ‘small money chance’ at all and so, he decided to safeguard in advance Mark's mobile phone by keeping his hand under just in case the phone fell. Remember, such fine opportunities are very, very rare! Lol!! See the photo:

Mark Zuckerberg Buhari Yoruba man selfie 2

'Ohh, wanna Naija pple go kill us ooO!'

By the way, what was that woman (close to Mark's phone) who stretched her neck trying to see or do? SMH LMAO!!!