Sarkodie has no serious message in his songs - Hammer of the Last Two...

Veteran recording engineer who was very instrumental in originating the hiplife genre, Mr. Edward Osei, popularly known as Hammer of the last 2, has opined on the debate of who the best rapper in Ghana is at the moment.

He told Flex newspaper that a good rapper must be one that is intelligent, clever and one who has the ability to knit words that will appeal to the senses of the listener. 

He added that a good rapper should make use of literary devices in a tactful manner. He also noted that even though rhymes make rap interesting, it must be done such that, at the end of it, it makes sense to the one listening.

Hammer noted that even though he admires the likes of Obrafuor and that Obrafuor had been the best during his time with his deep proverbial lyrics, Sarkodie is the master at the moment.

"I have never seen any rapper as intelligent as Sarkodie for now because of the speed he uses to compose verses. He can just sit down within 10 minutes and create something good.

"You can't believe it. Unlike Obrafuor, Sarkodie is about comedy and he is not a teacher or someone who really wants to bring up serious messages like Obrafour did.

"The times have changed and Sarkodie is a new Obrafour. He is the best." Hammer reiterated.

He also mentioned other rappers like Jay So, Edem and Manifest as some of his favourite rappers.