Samini angry at VGMA board over Kofi Kinaata's unfair treatment, shocked at Medikal's nomination...

Samini has expressed his displeasure at the VGMA Board for not treating ‘his boy’ Kofi Kinaata fairly and squarely.

Samini feels Kofi Kinaata, who had a very good year, deserved more nominations in the various categories in this year’s awards.

Speaking on Hitz 103.9fm on Wednesday, March 1, he said:

“I’m very disappointed that Kofi Kinaata couldn’t get in the ‘Artiste of the Year’ category.

"We’ve complained about that and even his songs swapped for different categories but nobody is communicating back.

"The list is already out and it looks like they won’t do anything about it and it’s bad.

"I’m very much surprised Medikal got in the Overall Artiste of the Year slot.

"Kinaata who did a lot last year couldn’t get in that category.

"I put out my song ‘Mama Ghana’ out there too hoping it would get into ‘Songwriter of the Year’ and ‘Record of the Year’ categories, looking at what we did with that song across Ghana but it couldn’t make it, too.

"But I’m not much bothered about that than Kofi Kinaata’s issue. He deserved better.”

Kofi Kinaata released songs last year and did a lot of collaborations. His two songs “Sweetie Pie” and “Confession” are major hits across the country and even outside Ghana. He seems to be the favourite for many categories in the awards (#VGMA2017).

Kofi Kinata is a High Grade Family artiste, and has since been under Samini’s tutelage. He won “Best New Artiste” and “Songwriter of the Year” in the 2016 VGMAs.

Samini spoke with KMJ on Hitz 103.9fm's #DayBreakHitz via phone interview.