Whaaat! Praye Choirmaster incurs the wrath of DJs by giving them crates of eggs as PAYOLA...

It has been revealed that Choirmaster, a former member of the Praye group, instead of doling out cash (PAYOLA) – something considered illegal worldwide but has become the norm – to the DJs of Sekondi-Takoradi to promote his song new song titled, ‘Double-up’ which features Mercury Quaye, rather chose to share crates of eggs among the DJs.

This, according to www.233times.com, has angered the Disc Jockeys in the capital of Western Region of Ghana.

One of the DJs who spoke to the site on anonymity said: “They called me that they have come to see me. I met them in town and I was given a crate of eggs. I asked what that was for and they said it is a way to motivate us to play the new song of Choirmaster and Mercury Quaye. I told them I am ok and just took the CD. The guy said there is more vitamins in the eggs so I should take it. I didn’t take the eggs. What kind of disrespectful treatment is that? Will they give crate of eggs to DJs in Accra?”

Another DJ who is said to have confirmed the story of ‘Crate-of-eggs PAYOLA’ also had this to say: “I met them in front of my house and I was given a CD and the other person brought a crate of eggs from the car. Crate of eggs which is less than GHC18.00? To me I find that insulting.”

However, in reaction to the ‘Crate-of-eggs PAYOLA’ story, Eugene Baah Boadu widely known in Showbiz as Choirmaster who claims he is into the business of quail eggs said: “What happened was my guy was coming to Takoradi so I told him to do a couple of promo for me and also collect phone numbers of some of DJs so that as he gives them the songs and come back to Accra, I will also get in touch with the DJs he gave the songs to.

"And apart from that I also do quail eggs business, I deal in quail eggs and quail meat as well which I distribute across Ghana and outside Ghana. The same person does the distribution for me so I think he did it from his own will. I didn’t tell him to share eggs in addition to the promo. But I think from his own will he thought that oh, let me just appreciate you guys before Choirmaster even calls you guys. And the quail eggs is not that regular eggs like chicken eggs.

"That is something different so he thought maybe he could just introduce it to the people there, let them have a taste and later on if they need the meat he will get in touch with them. So it wasn’t like I intentionally told the guy to share eggs as my form of payola or something.”

“And then again I was wondering what the problem will be if someone is appreciating with the eggs. I don’t know what the problem will be.”

According to Choirmaster, the DJs play the songs of Nigerian Artistes without even getting any appreciation from them so he wonders why this will be a big issue that will make people angry.

“We don’t need this in the industry. They were asking if I would give this to DJ Black, let me tell you something, DJ Black plays my songs without taking anything. These are the people we need in the industry,” Choirmaster told www.233times.com.

“This is a business that takes the two of us, DJs and Artistes to make it happen so if you are trying to create a relationship and someone thinks that way, its someway,” Choirmaster said.