The thirst is real for Mia Khalifa right now. Seemingly overnight, she's become the No. 1 most searched p0rnstar on P0rnHub.

Recently, she's only strengthened her image by revealing how she looks pretty much the same without makeup on.

With so much online attention, it seemed like it was only a matter of time until someone famous hit her up with a motivated friend request or a follow.

That first person, as Mia Khalifa may have let slip during an interview with CBS Miami 560WQAM, is a man whose name rhymes with "Rake." Here's the excerpt from the interview where she spilled it:

What famous person has tried to contact you?
Oh I would never reveal that.

You can blow 'em up, don't worry.
No way, I would never reveal that, that's rude.

Give me a name it rhymes with?
Oh my God, it rhymes with "Rake."

Hmmmm, well if you put a D in front of "rake" you get "Drake"—not exactly anunpromising reveal from Mia.

According to her, this Rake character sent her a half-naked shot via Instagram's DMs.

She wouldn't say much else about the encounter other than, "It was flattering but his intentions were clear. It was just so cringeworthy."

Let's leave this topic with a quote from 2011:

"Talking strippers and models that try to gain attention/Even a couple pornstars that I'm ashamed to mention"—Drake, "Lord Knows."