has intercepted a video of a popular Ghanaian lesbo actress caught in the act with her partner kissing, caressing and...

According to, this shameful act has for a long time been going on between this popular Ghanaian actress (name withheld) and her partner.

Before you click to watch and download the video which is below, read what reported:

For the benefit of our subsequent juice on this matter, plus the close sources involved, we shall not release the names of those involved yet.

But when we got the news of what has been going on for a while, we didn't want to play into the 'supposed rumour' as of that time, but we later decided to take a trip down to Maitama in Abuja, Nigeria (where the Nigerian big babe resides) to see happenings for ourselves, then we came down to East Legon in Accra (where the Ghanaian actress lives).

After we saw all that has been going on between these two ladies who should be role models (at least the GH actress is seen to be a role model right now as you read and watch the video), we asked ourselves this simple question which we feel you should also ask yourself same:

In life, will your actions always remain hidden? The times are changing and only chance can uncover the things done when no man is watching.