Pastor 'Alewa' Ofori Amponsah mocks Ghanaians...

Almost all the major entertainment news in Ghana for the past few weeks have been about the Highlife artiste Ofori Amponsah for backsliding as a pastor and now going back to his secular-singing days.

Pastor ‘Alewa’ Ofori Amponsah, who’s already out with his new song titled “Alewa” which features Saokodie, made the biggest goof ever as a Pastor who couldn’t even give just one quotation from the Bible on the go when CEO of EIB, Bola Ray asked him for one.

Then when many a Ghanaian would by now be thinking the backslid Pastor Alewa Ofori Amponsah would be having a sober reflection over what has happened so far ever since he brought out his single track titled “Alewa” with its accompanying brouhaha, here he comes with music producer Appietus in the studio making a fun-teasing video, parodying his own goofing moment as if to tell Ghanaians he doesn’t care anymore about what people say about him backsliding.

Well, depending on which side of the coin you may be coming from, this video may either be seen as a mere parody or something serious that can’t go unnoticed.