Papa Shee blasts all the fake, Ashawo Ghanaian gospel singers and Christians...

[By: George Awiadem Maclean  EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Secular highlife musician turned evangelist, Papa She has dished out a strongly worded message to all the fake Ghanaian gospel singers and Christians to be weary of their bad deeds and repent now for the end time is near.

Evangelist Papa Shee who’s known in private life as Nana Yaw Akorsah believes that it is GOD who has sent him to come and warn all the gospel singers whose provocative way of dressing leave a lot to be desired, for he has seen it all and has been there before but found nothing there as a secular Highlife musician.

The man who’s largely remembered for hit songs like “Koyonso” and "Atadwe" says it has even become difficult nowadays to differentiate between the gospel singers and the secular ones because of how provocatively and shabbily they also dress.

Evangelist Papa Shee made this ‘powerful’ message available to two-time RTP nominee Tony Best, the leader of the ‘Special SWAT Entertainment Team’ of Entertainment Edge on Solid 103.7 FM which comes your way this and every Saturday from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

“Maybe, you are a chorister who sings in the church but all you do is to allow yourself for the men in the Church Choir to sleep with you any how.

“You claim you are a gospel singer but just see how bad you’ve dressed.

“Today, we can’t even differentiate between you the gospel singers and the secular/worldly musicians for you all dress provocatively in your music videos.

“The last time I watched a video of one gospel artiste, I felt very sad. I said my GOD, my GOD, my GOD Yeshua, what is going on?

“Father, you who have called me, these were the exact useless things I used to do when I hadn’t repented. These so-called gospel singers claim to be singing ‘The Word of God’.

“Father is this how your Angels above sing Your Word? Is this how Your Angels in Heaven dress? Have the Angels in Heaven done any nail polish, trimmed and replaced their eye lashes with artificial ones? “Father what is actually happening? That’s why I have called you my son to go into the world and warn them and preach to them the Word of GOD.

“Beloved, listen to me very carefully, this is Nana Yaw Akosah or you can call me a servant of God or Papa She, I have been there before; I have been there before. I was there. There is nothing there!

“Beloved, don’t allow yourself for the devil to deceive you. Don’t allow yourself for satan to deceive you,”  chanted Evangelist Papa Shee.