OMG! Taylor Swift insures her 'super slim' legs for £26.5million (Photos)...

She's as well-known for her stunning figure as she is for her chart-topping hits so it's perhaps no surprise that American songstress Taylor Swift is reported to be insuring her legs for a cool £26.5million.

Grammy-winning Taylor, 25, attributes a huge slice of her global success to her energetic stage performances and her team have apparently looked into how much it would cost to insure her legs against potential career-threatening accidents.

Taylor Swift insures her legs 26.5million2                Image above: Taylor's pins, on display (left) at the Saturday Night Live anniversary special last month

Taylor Swift insures her legs

The Pennsylvania-raised star is embarking upon a global tour in May and the move is said to be a precaution against such a physically-demanding schedule.

The Blank Space singer is reported to have said she was 'embarrassed' at how much her slender limbs are said to be worth.

Celebrity insurers Lloyd's, which has specialised in offering body-part policies since the 1930s, said they were not surprised by the vast sums attributed to Taylor's pins. Underwriter Jonathan Thomas told FEMAIL: 'Taylor Swift's income-generating capacity is hugely dependent upon her stage presence and thus her exceptional legs are indeed very likely worth millions of dollars of insurance.'

She's certainly not the first celebrity to insure herself, however, with a whole host of other stars on record for ensuring their prize assets, which they often consider the key to their success, are protected by policy.

Long before Kim Kardashian's derriere arrived on the scene, Jennifer Lopez famously insured her perfectly-round bottom for millions of dollars. Australian singer Kylie Minogue, whose rear grabbed the headlines in gold hotpants in the video for hit single Spinning Around back in 2000 was said to have insured her behind shortly after to the tune of £3million.

J Lo and Kylie MinogueImage above: J-Lo (left) was the original doyenne of the derriere and is said to have a £17million premium protecting her bottom. Kylie Minogue (right)

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