Nicki Minaj finally reveals the real meaning behind 'Anaconda'...

Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" is one of 2014's biggest odes to the booty ... or is it? The rapper recently opened up to GQ about the song, the video, and the song's infamous cover art in their November issue.

Since "Anaconda" samples Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," naturally you would assume the song is all about booty. But Nicki tells GQ, "All it says is, 'My anaconda don't.'"

Hm. Well, the video has tons of booty in it, but Nicki tells the magazine, "I think the video is about what girls do. Girls love being with other girls, and when you go back to us being younger, we would have slumber parties and we'd be dancing with our friends."

Nicki Minaj on anaconda 2

She also says her character in the video "is just talking about two guys that she dated in the past and what they're good at and what they bought her and what they said to her. It's just cheeky, like a funny story."

On her song's cover art, Nicki tells GQ, "I just said I'll put it out, never thought in a billion years that people would be putting [other] people's heads on it. It's the craziest sh**."