My biggest birthday gift will be when God brings back Castro to me - Sarkodie...

[BY: George Awiadem Maclean  EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] 

After almost five days of an intense search for the bodies of Castro and Bandu but without any hope in sight of finding the two, Ghana's BET award winner, Sarkodie, has added his voice to the calls by the many sympathizers wishing and praying to God for the safe return of the soul of his brother, Castro 'Unda Fyre'.

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Today, July 10th, marks Sarkodie's 29th birthday and the only wish on his mind is to see his brother, Castro 'Unda Fyre', being brought back to life by God! 

Sarkodie wrote in a post on his facebook timeline: "My biggest b'day gift -->>> #GodPleaseBringMaBrotherHome Please!!!!!!!!!."

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Even though Sarkodie didn't mention the name of the lady Castro is said to have drowned with in the Ada river in his post, but the general assumption here is that once God grants his wish by bringing back Castro to life, the lady, Janet Bandu, will surely follow suit.

The birthday wish of Sarkodie to see Castro come back to life isn't surprising at all considering the fact the two already have a great song in "Adonai"- both the original and the remix versions - which has been performed by the two on some memorable occasions.

Castro 'Unda Fyre' and Janet Bandu are said to have drowned in the Ada river in a Jet Ski accident in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

A search for their bodies, whether dead or alive, has been mounted ever since. wishes Sarkodie a happy birthday and may God let his wish come to pass. Amen!!!