My 1st ana.l se.x was painful, the 2nd same, but the 3rd felt so good as if ice had been poured on me – Mzbel reveals (Video)......

Controversial Ghanaian female artiste, Mzbel has shared her first time experience about having an*l s*x. Watch the video below.

The “Awoso Me” hitmaker who fell short of naming who gave it to her in the a$$ said her first experience was painful she had to cry.

She continued that she tried it the second time and the experience was same as the first one.

But when she did it the third time, the feeling was so good.

The songstress disclosed this on Onua FM in a program dubbed: “Odo Nsor” 

“I have tried an*l s*x before.

“It was painful the first time I did it and it made cry because the hole is very small and tight.

“But after the first and second attempts, you always wanna do it.

“It gives you some amazing sensation as if ice has been poured on you.”

But she gave a caution about its side effects and warned others not to indulge in it:

“Yeah, but I won’t advice anyone to try it.

“Because when you overdo it, it can widen or open up the sphin.cter of the anu.s.

“When I tried an*l s*x for the first time, it was painful.

“The second time too was painful.

“But the third time, it felt so good.”