Money certainly makes the world go round and when you have a lot of that, you can be rest assured that the desire to own everything in this world doesn't come with a hassle at all!

Just make sure that you have a lot of cash and you're done getting any girl of choice in this world.

Simply put, get rich or die trying! (I think 50 Cent may sue me when he sees this quote here. lolz)

Mona or Hajia4real, as she is popularly known on social media, has now become a household name in GH as a result of the scandalous audio messages recorded by Ghana Blackstar player Afriyie Ackwah's wife.

And she seems to be enjoying that prominence, too!

And this all because she owns a man that we all know as Kenpong who's one of the richest guys here in Ghana. She gets anything she wants just by snapping two fingers from her man who is also ready to spoil her with a lot of cash.

She travels around the world like no other's business. And this is all because of cash! In fact GOD must bless our hassle, too, otherwise, hmmmm.....!

Mona decided to share these beautiful photos of her whilst enjoying outside the country.

Hajia4real Mona 1

Hajia4real Mona 2