Miley Cyrus can't stop it. Yes, she can't stop getting nakked.

She's an unabashed exhibitionist with a massive online following. (See photos by clicking on next below)

And Miley Cyrus was in top social media form on Friday as she populated her Instagram with two very revealing self-portraits.

The 22-year-old sported in one photo a tiny pair of pajamas that failed to cover her chest with only small bandages to protect her modesty with the caption 'Bandaiddddzzzzzzz'.

She also revealed in the selfie that she is not a fan of razors as her armpits sported small blonde tufts of hair.
While earlier in the day she teased fans by posting a picture of herself totally naked and splashing around in the bath.

Miley posed in a way that strategically hid her private parts but still managed to show plenty of skin through the clear water.

She was seen laying on her side in a white tub with shampoo-slicked hair, and leveling one of her saucy gazes at the viewer while clutching a cocktail umbrella straw in her teeth.

'Yiew can't see nada,' Miley seemed to challenge in the caption, adding: '@mertalas get your a$ here and come play wit u$$ ALL WE WANNA DO IS CONSTANT SHOOTZ (sic)'

And while she was out walking with her personal assistant Cheyne Thomas in Bug Sur, Northern California on Thursday, Miley spit out a mouthful of water.

Perhaps this and the bath are signs that she is cleansing herself of boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, who did NOT join her on her vacation.

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