Man flogs his online 's3xy' girlfriend after meeting her and realizing she's ugly...

Appearance can be very deceptive most especially on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.) or online.

This was proven to be true once again of a love struck man who had to fly a thousand miles and spend a thousand bucks just to meet her online girlfriend who looked very closely like a goddess on WeChat, but ended up beating her upon seeing the girl in real life.

According to a Chinese website Viral Cham, the man named Huang met Xiaojin (not real name) on social media and he was quickly enchanted by the photo showing her mesmerizing beauty with her rosy skin, oval-shaped face, charming pair of eyes and a bewitching smile to match.

The couple apparently hit it almost instantly and agreed to meet in person; much to the excitement of the spellbound mortal about to see his goddess of beauty.

Huang, who is from China's Northeastern part of Harbin, had to fly a thousand miles to be with Xiaojin who is from Southeastern Province of Suzhou and works at Wenshu Bridge.

The journey had cost Huang more than a thousand dollars, but that wouldn't have mattered if the girl truly promised to be as beautiful as was in the photo or at least, looked like one of the nymphs in Greek's mythology.

He was wrong and felt cheated and couldn't accept the fact that he was hoodwinked.

Online girlfriend 3                                         Image above: This is how she looked online. Image Credit: Viral Cham

His "goddess" turned out to be not rosy-skinned as her face was riddled with acne. She was also two times bigger than size of the sexy chic who appeared in the photos.

Online girlfriend 2                                              Image above: This is how she looks in person. Image Credit: Viral Cham

Huang, red-faced and trying to control himself, asked in utter disbelief: "You can't be the one I saw in the photos, right? How can there be such a huge difference?"

She replied trying to explain everything: "It's me. It's just that the photo had been edited and I was wearing makeup. This is my bare face."

The argument between the two heated up and ended up in physical confrontation. The man exploded in anger and beat the girl in public.

She suffered bruises on one of her arms. The two had to be subdued and taken to a nearby Police station to settle the matter.

The woman admitted that her online pictures were edited to make her look stunning and pretty using the mobile application Mei Tu, and she had applied more facial makeup to the pictures.

Whilst the Police managed to let the 'couple' agree to leave everything that had happened behind them, Huang, who returned home with a broken heart and an empty pocket, declared with finality he will never believe in online romance, never again.

News Source (s): Viral Cham, STOMP, All Singapore Stuff, Malaysia Chronicle.