Lord Paper to release new music video hitting the country like Tsunami...

Well, if you thought you had seen enough of new Ghanaian artiste Lord Paper, then you had better brace up yourself for something more surprising than before.

Lord Paper, who became an instant hit some few weeks ago right after releasing what industry players described as a “P.0r.n music video” titled, “Awurama,” has given the hint that he is about releasing the hottest music video ever titled, “P.0.n.0.”

According to the musician, his new music video will hit the country like Tsunami in the coming days.

Guys, here are a few of the photos from his upcoming “P.0.n0” music video we chanced on social media.

Enjoy as we await the release of the said ra.unchy video by Lord Paper.

Lord Paper raw tsunami video 2

Lord Paper raw tsunami video 3