The l£@ked n*de photos and videos of our pretty university ladies have already started again this year.

Instead of learning, some of these beautiful Ghanaian girls only go there to 'showcase' what their mamas gave them. 

This is what the one who got hold of this video had to say:

"I woke up today to check out what was trending on twitter.

"I realized "The UCC' was trending and I was kinda confused so I decided to find out from some pals in UCC (University of Cape Coast) why "The UCC" was trending on twitter.

"Hmmm, well, not a good news at all! What is wrong with the Youth of Today?

"A Female SRC Presidential Aspirant who we understand goes by the name Abena KorKor got herself into trouble after allowing her friends to record her whilst dancing n@ked in her hostel and later l£@king the said video.

"Whilst some say her opponents l£@ked the video and photos, others say her friend who recorded it l£@ked it to disgrace her but the question is: why would you allow someone to record you whilst dancing n@ked on camera?"

Abena Korkor female SRC presidential aspirant of UCC 2

Abena Korkor female SRC presidential aspirant of UCC 3