Kumasi-based rapper weeps like a child on radio after he was told plans to send him abroad was a prank...

[WRITTEN BY: George Awiadem Maclean  EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Finding words to describe a bizarre incident that happened on Luv 99.5 FM's entertainment program, Private Party, this past weekend of a Kumasi-based rapper who got so, so devastated and had to cry like a child after he had been told plans to send him abroad was just a prank, hasn't been forthcoming.

It all seemed like one of those funny moments on the show where prank calls are pulled on people just for fun but Kumasi-based rapper, John Bull, who had no idea he had suffered a similar fate some weeks earlier when he was told to start making preparations to be sent abroad in no time, started weeping bitterly when he was called again on the show and informed that it was just a prank call that had been pulled on him.

No amount of words including what the host, Nana Gyasi Owusu (NGO), termed as 'compensation' could calm him (John Bull) down.

Not even the canny voice of a new female artiste, Nana AKua Promzy, whom he (John Bull) felt had only come to rub salt in the wound, could do the magic.

John Bull, who from this point sobbed throughout the prank call, started insulting both the host and his co-host, Nana Gyasi Owusu (NGO) and Richie respectively, for having 'tricked' him into believing he was truly going to be sent abroad and had, as a result, even gone ahead to borrow some money to acquire for himself a new passport exclusively for that purpose.

"[sobs]...you this guy (referring to the co-host), I despise you. You're even telling me it is funny, you're an idiot [laughs in the background]...have I told you guys I want to travel anywhere but for you..."

John Bull, who seemed not to even understand what a prank call meant, later calmed himself down and apologized for his insults when he was given the assurance that his songs would be played on the show and even ended up giving some "wild" hook ( or freestyle as it is normally referred to here in Ghana).

"Kasahare mu John Bull, wo feeli me rap no a ka s3 I do...([responses] I do"

Kasahare mu John Bull, s3 wo feeli me rap no a tia mu I do...([responses] I do "

John Bull, John Bull, feeli me rap na me nky3 wo cambuu...([responses] cambuu)

Enti whan koraa na voti (vote) ma John Mahama

Enti me paa me a voti no, seisei ma ha )man Ghana...[sobs]..."

Perhaps, there is more to this John Bull weeping saga than we know. Only time will tell!

[The Private Party on Luv 99.5 FM with the host, Nana Gyasi Owusu (NGO), comes your way this and every Saturday from 7:00pm to 10:00pm]