Hot Audio: It’s stupid not to invite me to play at the VGMAs, what’s Ghana Music Awards? – Atongo Zimba...

Source:, Author: George Awiadem Maclean, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The (Vodafone) Ghana Music Awards ever since its inception by Charterhouse in the year 2000 has been fraught with so many controversies and this year’s edition (to be held today, April 8th, 2017) is no different as Ghanaian international act, Atongo Zimba has hit hard at the organizers of the show. (Listen to the hot audio below)

Furious Aongo Zimba who could not hide his feelings about the award scheme which is arguably the biggest event on the entertainment calendar of Ghana’s music industry said he can’t understand why he never gets invited to play at the show because some people have said that he is not famous in Ghana.

According to the "In Heaven there is no beer" hit-maker, Ghana is continuously losing its music identity because Ghanaians don’t appreciate and help promote their own.

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When Tony Best, host of Entertainment Edge on Solid 103.7 FM, asked him why he (Atongo Zimba) is so popular in Europe and other countries and not in his own country, Ghana, this is what he had to say:

“We have Highlife...and I’m coming out with “Sankuni” sounds hoping that Ghanaians will talk about it.

“But over here in Ghana, when they are even organizing the Ghana Music Awards show, they don’t even talk about it.

“They just select some people and say they are doing Ghana Music Awards. What’s Ghana Music Awards???

“One time I came to Ghana and one of the people said to me that I am not even famous here in Ghana.

“So do you need to be famous in Ghana before they (Charter House) can bring you to play at the Ghana Music Awards show?

“I mean this is so stupid, you know.

“I like to do the real things and always want I will like to do things for people to appreciate me and not imitate anyone. You’ve got to be who you are, and remain very original.

“We have Batakari, we have sweepers, we have shoes, and we have coats (suits)

“Ghana music is going in the wrong direction. To be honest, we are losing our identity.

“Back in the day, I used to listen to Nana Ampadu, Senior Eddy Donkor, Osei Kofi, Obo)ba J.A Adofo. But nobody plays their music anymore.

“I don’t even know what is going on, you know.”