Idiot, kwasia, pu**y-licking pastor, Sakawarian and a thief - Afia Schwa tells Obinim...

In a recent video which has already gone viral, the founder of the International God's Way Church, Bishop Obinim, is heard threatening and insulting ex-President Jerry John Rawlings and Afia Schwarzenegger in retaliation to earlier comments which had been made by the two about him (Bishop Obinim).

In the said video, the Bishop said "You Afia Schwarzenegger, You short thing.... You are short and look like a monkey..."

In a quick rebuttal, the no-nonsense woman, Afia Schwarzenegger, took to her facebook account to register her disappointment in Bishop Obinim with some harsh words.

She had these words for the pastor:

"Obinnim...if your wife had my body or my class you will never be the brand ambassador for Barcadi Nite Club, jumping from one hooker to another, if your wife was as intelligent as I am you will never say things like "Knowredge, Kwaaarlebu, creaver, president Rawrings.

"If your wife looked a little like me you will never sleep with your church members in the name of counselling and run after your pastors wives begging them for sex.

"So the next time you decide to insult another man's wife, in your shrine thinking we are scared of an idiot like u...please think about what you have kept in your house as a wife. ..kwasia.

"Pu**y – licking Pastor, Sakawarian and a thief.

"Your stinking bleach body makes me sick, Pastor Michael Jackson; Stupid brand ambassador for Ama Boahemmaa Condensed Milk...kwasia Kwa.

"# Hope you do get someone to read this to you...empty headed fool!!!!"