I won't sue Pastor Ofori Amponsah for ‘stealing’ my ‘Alewa’ song, I need a ‘collabo’ with him instead – Andy...

Call it smartness on the part of Andy of mentor one fame and you wouldn't be far from right.

Now instead of ranting and chanting about nothing and going on with the buffoonery that Pastor ‘Alewa’ Ofori Amponsah stole his song when indeed the accusation he’s making is melodiously, rhythmically and musically baseless, Andy has decided to take the ‘right’ path by opting for a collaboration with the prolific Highlife dynamo, Ofori Amponsah and not even thinking about going to court anymore.

Andy, who was the runner-up of the first edition of the Mentor reality show on TV3, made this humble admission when two-time RTP nominee and host of Entertainment Edge on Solid 103.7 FM, Tony Best first asked him if he had registered his ‘Alewa’ song in order to have a strong case against Pastor Ofori Amponsah.

“There is no way Ofori Amponsah would bring out a song without first registering it.

“I wouldn’t even bother myself stepping a foot at the copyright office to ask whether he (Ofori Amponsah) has registered his “Alewa” song or not because I know Ofori Amponsah will not release a song without registering it.

“I haven’t gone to the copyright office and my going there would only mean an initiation of a court action against him (Ofori Amponsah). I won’t go to court. I won’t waste my time and go to the court. I need to concentrate on my promotion."

And this is what Andy said when the host asked him if he was ever ready for a possible ‘collabo’ or a remix of the two “Alewas” in order to kill/settle the ‘dispute’ between the two:

“Why not, Ofori Amponsah is my biggest fan. When I first came out, he sent someone to come to me for my phone number because he wanted to feature me on his track. So I won’t be surprised at all and I will gladly accept the call if he invites me today to collaborate with him."

Andy took time to explain how his ‘Alewa’ song leaked and got into the hands of Pastor Ofori Amponsah.

The Story so far

The story as narrated by Andy is that, he recorded his “Alewa” song some three months ago and wanted to feature Kofi Nti, a ‘former’ associate of Ofori Amponsah, on the said “alewa” track. After the recording, he (Andy) sent the song through the whatsapp application to Kofi Nti for him to listen and give him the necessary feedback.

And after Kofi Nti had listened to the song, he only gave the suggestion that the chorus which had “Alewa” in it wasn’t that pleasing to the ears and so it should be taken off to which Andy claims he didn’t agree and that was it.

He (Andy) never heard anything concrete from him (Kofi Nti) again until his producer called him from abroad to ask him if he (Andy) has heard a rehashed version of his “Alewa” song recorded by Ofori Amponsah that is being played on-air at the time.

Now Andy’s claim is that it was Kofi Nti who leaked the song to his former Boss, Ofori Amponsah. because he (Kofi Nti) was the only one closest to Ofori Amponsah who could leak the song he (Kofi Nti) had earlier listened.

SOURCE: Bigtimerz.com