I want to become the President of Nigeria - Davido...

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, is not the only person seeking Goodluck Jonathan‘s job.

The latest addition to that list is a bit interesting.

The fellow is none other than award winning pop star and HKN boss, Davido, who has said he is good enough to be the president of Nigeria.

If given the opportunity, Davido doesn’t sound unprepared at all as he has highlighted some of the things he’ll do if he gets to occupy the highest office in the land.

While responding to MTV Base’s Choose or Lose Vox Pop, the ‘Aye’ singer declared his intention to be the first entertainer to become Nigeria’s president in the 45-second video.

Davido began by stating his readiness to vote in the forthcoming elections: “Yes I’m voting, I want my voice to be heard, there’s no point in complaining if you are not going to vote.”

And when asked if he’ll love to see a celebrity as Nigeria’s president, who the person will be and why, Davido responded: “I think I’m good enough to be president, because it’s me, I want to be the president.”

He went on to outline some of the things he’ll do if he is named President for just one day: “I’ll fix all the bad roads, I’ll fix up the currency of course, and different other things, as much as I can do in a day I’ll do.”

Davido wants the youth to take over governance in the country in order to provide better roads, cleaner environment and better structured cities and it remains to be seen just how serious he is in future, given he is from a family with a history of political involvement.

Davido is surely not the first to declare that ambition. Late rapper, DaGrin, once declared the dream of becoming Nigeria’s president in one of his songs.

Source: Thenet