I regret having tattoos, something I wish I never had - Actress...

So many people do things out of peer pressure and that's all because they see their friends do the same thing.

Sometimes, too, it's because we regularly see it on television and it thus looks nice on whoever but out of the many people who do such wrong things, few actually regret their actions and that's a sign of maturity, I guess.

In a recent chat, Anita Joseph reportedly broke down in tears, the newly Born Again actress said " I regret my tattoos. It is something I wish I never had

"it's so addictive. You do one, you would do again and again. I just loved tattoos. But that was when I wasn't a grown up and never knew it's wrong in God's eyes"

"The one counseIled me said: "I love everything about you and so whatever you do I want to do. I begged her not to have tattoos because tattoos are addictive. She was happy and thanked me for telling the truth. At the end of the day, I was happy I touched someone positively."

That told me that whatever I do, someone somewhere wants to do it, so now I am careful of what I do now

The Nollywood actress who has tattoos in six parts of her body: back of her palm, waist, on top of her b00bs, left leg, neck and arm, says people should desist from this sinful act and she is ready to clean hers out

Credit: entertainmentgist