Ghanaian highlife musician Kay Wusu has boldly stated that he is the future of highlife music in Africa.

The music genre considered to be the father of most styles of singing on the continent has suffered severe setbacks in recent times as a result of new genres coming up by the day.

Highlife music used to top the charts on all platforms especially in the 80s but recent introduction of other music genres such as hiplife, afrobeats, afropop, hip pop and dancehall have caused the highlife genre to suffer its lowest performance since its inception in Ghana at the turn of the 20th century.

According to Kay Wusu, even though Ghana invented highlife music, the country has totally lost its grip on the genre to other African countries who are making millions out of it.

Kay Wusu said that, the highlife music was spread to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia and Nigeria by Ghanaian workers in the early 1930s.

Kay Wusu2

Sharing his opinion on the why he came out with such a huge statement, the 'asore' singer said that unlike the old highlife musicians who have ignored the modern way of selling their brands, his management MaddHaus Entertainment is keen on using the various digital communication platforms to sell his identity and works.

"That's killing highlife in Ghana, we are ignoring the use of social media to sell the highlife brands unlike what the Nigerians and musicians from other countries are doing

"We have the best of highlife music in Ghana because we started it first. We cannot go wrong if we do things right. The days of selling our material at katamanto and despites stores are gone and we must embrace the new ways of doing music" stressed Kay Wusu.

Kay Wusu is currently working on his new album for 2015 and he assured his fans to look out for something amazing from him.

He further emphasised on radio stations and media houses to support the highlife movement because it has great potentials for the industry as a whole.