I'm not ready to date any guy - Kaakie...

[WRITTEN BY: Kofi Duah]

Any guy who has ever thought of having Kaakie as a girlfriend better look elsewhere because the dancehall musician is not ready to date or settle now.

Kaakie sees dating as distraction, hence her decision to remain single for now. "I have dated before and it didn't help me. It brought nothing to me but destruction. My musical career was going downhill when I was dating and I don't think I would want to date anytime soon" she told Showbiz last Tuesday.

According to Kaakie, she being single for the past three years has enabled her achieve a lot in her musical career. She explained that, she was able to put out a lot of hit songs and perform on major platforms because there was no man in her life to distract her.

Kaakie, who recently returned from a tour in Gabon said she does not know what a man will do in her life now if she decides to go out with one. "I am not ready and I don't think I will be ever ready soon. I am very single and not searching," she said.

Talking about her kind of man, the Kumkum hitmaker said she used to hunt for tall handsome men to date but that perception has changed since she grew up.

Asked whether she ever dated Samini as it was rumoured on social media, Kaakie who is not really bothered about what people say about her said never has she dated or have anything to do with Samini.

"I want everyone to know that Samini is a brother I admire so much. He has been influential in my music career and a close friend. Nothing has ever happened between Samini and I, I want Ghanaians to know that" she said.

Away from her love-life, Kaakie debunked rumours she could not graduate with her mates from the 2013/2014 academic group due to bad results in some modules.

ThePrinceLive.com reported that Kaakie failed two essential modules; NURS 231: Principles and Practice of Health Assessment in Level 200; NURS 455: Biostatistics in Level 400. She apparently rewrote her Level 200 paper but failed again.

The report said that the University of Ghana had its in-house policy that prevented students from graduating after a certain number of failures, and if Kaakie did fail these two modules, she would have to resist them again, if she was to further her education".

But Kaakie told Showbiz that she graduated last July 27 and did not have to rewrite exams as reported.She said, she laughs anytime she comes across such stories because such false stories rather make her strong.

Citing an example of such negative publicity, Kaakie said she once read online that she had been sacked from school because she owed school fees.

Asked about her plans for 2015, Kaakie, who promised to be more noticeable this year, said she has recorded a lot of songs and videos ready for release. To her, 2015 is her year and she promised her fans more music.

SOURCE: Graphic.com.gh