Prophecy: I'm going to the Volta region, they'll see what will happen, if I tell you who círcumcísed my son...—Shatta Wale's mother

Madam Elsie Evelyn Avemegah, mother of Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, has revealed that she will soon visit the Volta region over prophecies that her son will díe.

A Ghanaian pastor identified as Prophet Agyei Fredua Agyeman predicted the death of Shatta Wale urging Ghanaians to pray for the singer as he sees another national mourning and a tragic end of the popular singer.

Prophet-Cosmos Walker Affran wrote on his Facebook page:

“Ghana should pray, I see a national mourning again the whole nation was in tears and this time it's Ghanaian singer “Shatta Wale”, and it is very close “death”. ” Thus saith the Lord.”

However, Shatta has said that he will burn the church of any pastor, who has made any negative declarations if he is still alive by December, 2018.

According to Madam Elsie she will visit the Volta region over the matter.

“What is this death, death matter? I’m going to Volta region because of my son, I’m an Anlo,” She said in a Facebook Live video.

“The way it happened in the bible when Bal and his followers displayed and the Israelites also displayed, I’m [also] going to the Volta region to display my culture over there. I want to tell you people that if I’m in the Volta my son will be there too and you will see what will happen because if there is God that has given me this son” people should not antagonise him like this.

She continued: “I will deal with the people and I know my God is going to fight for me. If the god of Bal existed and worked for them, I will also follow the Israelites and we will see what will happen”.

For her, there have been many musicians who have outperformed Shatta Wale including Bob Marley and does not know what Shatta Wale has done which seems so extraordinary for him to be antagonized in such a manner.

“For him to go and see the president, it is not the first time. He is the grandson of Mildred Ankrah, the former wife of General Ankrah, she has been the first lady of this nation before. Is it a president that he has not seen before or Flagstaff House that he has not visited before? I don’t like the problems you people want to trouble me with.

“What is Shatta Wale doing in this country that has not been done before? He is just blessed. If I tell you the one who círcumcísed him you will realise he is just blessed with music

“If I tell you about his grandmother and grandfather you will realise that the boy has been blessed with music,” She noted.