I'm a DJ, not a Dancehall 'SINGJAY' - Shatta Wale teaches...

[By: George Awiadem Maclean]

Believe it or not, Shatta Wale has now become Ghana's newest teacher but has yet to be employed by the Ghana Education Service after he refused (or, was he rather given the boot by Charterhouse?!) to be part of this year's Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

In fact, the Ghana Education Service (GES) must be quick enough and go for the services of Shatta Wale, the self-styled King of Dancehall, as a dancehall music teacher otherwise, we (Ghana) may soon lose him to Jamaica where the genre actually originates from.

The multiple award winning dancehall artiste has now started teaching and giving basic tutorials on who should be what he refers to as "SINGJAY" and a DJ in the Dancehall world of music.

Per the explanations given by Shatta Wale, a SINGJAY is someone who sings over a reggae or dancehall tune and the DJ on the other hand is someone who toasts (Chants) his vibes just like what Vybz Kartel or Bounty Killa does.

The leader of the Shatta Movement Family (SMF) now wants to be rated as a DJ and not just as a singer who sings over reggae/dancehall rhythms and also, be compared with the likes of Vybze Kartel, Beenieman and Bounty Killa who are the gurus of dancehall.

Shatta Wale gave this tutorial in a post:

"In Reggae/Dancehall, we have what we call a SINGJAY and a DJ. A singjay is someone who sings over either a reggae or dancehall rhythm and a DJ is the one who toasts his vibes just like how vybze kartel, Beenieman and bounty killa do...so rate me as a DJ..‪#‎DANCEHALLKING."‬

SOURCE: Bigtimerz.com