I dress provocatively to glorify the name of God and not to please anybody - Gifty Osei...

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Popular Ghanaian gospel artiste, Gifty Osei, has hit back at her critics who lambaste and chastise her for her supposedly 'provocative' style of dressing as a gospel artiste who must be seen as a role model espousing the virtues of Jesus Christ our Saviour and what she sings and preaches about.

The Gospel songstress and author of hit songs like 'Aseda', 'Fefeefe' etc., whose continuous way of dressing is considered by many Ghanaians as one of the worst in Ghana's gospel music history, has said she doesn't care or give a hoot about her critics and it is either they take it or leave it because, she dresses the way she does to glorify only the name of GOD and not to please any other person.

Gifty Osei akata

Gifty Osei, who is well known for her "akata" dressing, said this in an interview with Porpor Shew, the host of Boss 93.7 FM's entertainment program, Boss Countdown.

"Don't you (referring to the host) like it when I dress that way? What you're saying even goes to confirm the fact you adore my style of dressing. So what else do you want to hear? All that I can say is, that is Gifty Osei for you and if love me, love everything about me. I do it to glorify the name of GOD . I don't do it to please anybody. That is my motto, I'm not a hypocrite. I'm just being myself and I don't copy anybody. That is Gifty Osei for you" she said when the host asked her what she thinks about how other people see her style of dressing.

Gifty Osei, who is perhaps the only Ghanaian gospel artiste who uses the alias "Gee" (check the image below)" on social media, had somewhat contradicted herself in the early stages of the interview by saying that their field is for evangelism and they shall surely account for whatever attire they put on as vessels of the gospel.

Gifty Osei Gee

" You're going to account for the dress you put on before you go on stage because that's evangelism. Apart from our work being a business venture, it is also a calling and a ministry. What you do must be done the righteous way and must also have a positive impact on the people."

She later used the opportunity to thank all her numerous fans for being very supportive of her and especially during her birthday which she celebrated last year.