I don’t need vibrators when there are able men out there - Actress...

Chika Agatha Oguine who started acting in 2012 in a new interview with Vanguard spoke about 'climaxing' during s3x and how she chases men away by giving them bills upon bills because that is the only way one can chase Nigerian men away.

She also spoke about not needing a vibrator when there are male friends she can do it with when the feeling arises. Read her interview below...

 Vanguard: How do you deal with your male admirers?

Chica: You all know how I handle them. Since they are in love, there are always bills there to pay so they would have to run away.

It's not like I tell them to pay my bills though, but I have seen that in Nigeria, the only way you can actually chase a man out of your life is to tell him, 'I need this, I need that'.

Vanguard: Do you believe in vibrators?

Chica: Why do I have to get a vibrator when there are so many able men out there? It could be helpful for some people who do not have relationships but seriously, Nigerian guys are very able bodied men.

Personally, I don't believe that. If you want to have a good sex, you should have one of your friends that you have feelings for, even if you guys are not really dating. Believe it or not, some men don't like to be committed to a woman and don't believe in dating.

Instead of jumping around from one place to the other with loads of people you don't really know, it's safer to do it with someone you know, someone close to you, someone you can actually give yourself to. Not for payment of any kind or for exchange of money.

Vanguard: What would make you climax during sex?

Chica: For me, it's really something out of the physical. It's more of psychological than sex itself because I could have sex and not come but what makes me come is who the person is, what feelings I have for the person. That is why I can never have sex with someone I don't have feelings for because I might not come.

SOURCE: Vanguard (Nigeria)