I don't believe in Jesus Christ - says Mzbel using 'it' for Him...

[WRITTEN BY: George Awiadem Maclean]

Tighten your seat belt very firmly because I know this will shock you to the marrow. Tighten it now!

Controversial Ghanaian female singer/rapper, Mzbel, known in private life as Belinda Ekua Amoah, has stated categorically that she doesn't believe in the existence of Jesus Christ.

And the worst part? She used the pronoun "it" for Jesus Christ who she claims she once believed in.

But now, the sassy singer and rapper says she doesn't believe in "it (Jesus Christ)" anymore.

The "Awoso me" and "16 years" hit-maker made this controversial assertion on RESTORATION which is aired on the TV3 network and has Stacy as the hostess.

When the hostess, Stacy, posed the question "do you believe in Jesus Christ?" to her, this is what she (Mzbel) had to say:

"Woow. Well, I don't want to offend anybody. I used to believe in "it (referring to Jesus Christ)" but, errrrm I did my own research and errrrm I think it was made up. I think it was made up...

"I might be wrong but according to my own research , I think it was made up because the same story 5000 years ago, happened in Egypt where they have Horus (Egyptian god).

"Horus' mother was a virgin. Before Horus' mother was born, an angel came and said 'sadaadaadaa' to Horus' mother.

"Horus did miracles at the age of 12. He had disciples, you know..."

When Stacy asked Mzbel whether she believed in the Old Testament which quotes the birth of Jesus Christ as having been prophesied in the book of Isaiah, the mother of one answered in the affirmative but did challenge that assertion by the hostess that it was Jesus Christ who was being referred to as the Messiah.

"It says the Messiah. It did not say Jesus Christ."

But when the hostess challenged her that Jesus Christ is the messiah, the "sausage" singer queried:

"How do you know? So that is why I did my own re..[hostess interrupts: so you should be researching more]...ahaaa, I did my own research and the story of Jesus Christ happened before 5000 years ago. The story of Jesus Christ is only 2000 years ago."

Mzbel, who said she used to believe in "it (Jesus Christ)" sometime ago and could even pray in tongues unceasingly, claimed she once prayed and had the whole of her room filled with smoke and when she called her pastor to inform him that some witches had visited her, the pastor told her it was the presence of GOD that was in her room but now, she wouldn't believe in "it (Jesus Christ)" anymore.