Hottest dancehall artiste Vybrant Faya releases 2015 'fixtape' for upperclass dancehall...

Singer of 'mampi'- the record-breaking dancehall song currently enjoying massive airplay across the nation- and fast rising African dancehall musician Vybrant Faya, has released his first fixtape for the year 2015 in fulfillment of the promise of upper class dancehall music to lovers of dancehall in Ghana and across the African continent.

Vybrant Faya has compiled in this 'fixtape' (compilation of singles and mixtape-) nine (9) powerful songs spiced with one banging club mix including the record-breaking debut single, 'mampi' which was released in March 2014.

The 'fixtape', according to Vybrant Faya, is a top class product and believes fans across the world will enjoy dancing to it.

Last year was very wonderful and after the record-breaking "Vybrant Faya Live concert" at Alajo in the capital of Ghana, Accra, the dancehall artiste assured his loyal fans that 2015 will be full of fireworks and different styles of upper class dancehall music.

This, the 'mampi' singer aims to achieve, will foster a better brand for the genre in Africa. The dancehall genre in Ghana recorded its fiercest competition ever during last year (that's 2014).

Vybrant Faya has been the focal point of discussions with particular reference to his energy on stage that puts him well ahead of his genre to propel the industry to greater heights.

The future holds a lot for him and he is poised to make the best out of every opportunity.

Vybrant Faya is currently being managed by the best dancehall label in Africa, the Shatta Movement Family –SMF.