Ghanaians like songs about s'ex and the big buttocks of Ghanaian women too much – blasts Atongo Zimba (Audio)...

One of the biggest exported Ghanaian music acts to the outside world ever, Atongo Zimba, has lashed out big time at Ghanaians who are only interested in songs that talk about sex and the big buttocks of Ghanaian women and nothing else. (Listen to the hot audio below)

The “In Heaven there is no beer” hit maker feels instead of Ghanaians appreciating authentic and good music like the ones he does, they rather cherish songs that glorify sex and the big a$$es of women.

Atongo Zimba minced no words when the host of Solid 103.7 FM’s Entertainment Edge, Tony Best asked him why he is not that much appreciated in his own country upon all his popularity outside the shores of Ghana.

“You know, if you take anything outside and you still can get your own people to talk about it, It tells you that there will be a day that the people will understand what you’re doing.

“You know, what I am doing...I don’t talk about sex or anything like that.

“I do world music. I create my own sounds. I have my own sounds known as “Sankuni” sounds.

“My major music is “Sankuni” sounds. You know “Sankuni” sounds is the sound for advice.

"It is something new, and something new to the new peers and to the Asian people so they have to enjoy it, you know.

"But it seems we Ghanaians have too much...and we are unable to think about how to utilize them.

“A lot of people in Ghana love to listen to music about women’s buttocks or something that is sucking somebody or is talking about the landlord.

“You know, that is what we are interested to hear. We are not interested to hear the real stuff.

“How many people even do know of Salif Keita or Yussif Ndou in Ghana? Few people you know.

“That’s the issue, you know,” Atongo said.

Atongo Zimba is one of the few International Ghanaian music acts whose music transcends beyond the borders of many countries across the world.

He has played a lot of gigs touring Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa from where his roots can be traced.

His album Barefoot in the Sand was nominated "African CD of the Year" in 2007 by Amsterdam television.

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