Ghanaians do not know who a celebrity is; so who's a celebrity in Ghana? – Actor Kweku Elliot explains...

The fact that a person is famous and has a large following on social media is not enough reason to be called a ‘celebrity’, Ghanaian actor Kweku Elliot has mentioned.

“I personally think Ghanaians have gotten it all wrong; being a celebrity comes with a lot of decorum and influence shared across board, being famous is easy, but for what are you famous and for what are you celebrated?” Elliot queried and said he does not want to be referred to as a celebrity.

According to him, the persons who deserve to be called celebrities are rather not being celebrated enough.

“Since when did having followers above 200k on social media platforms guarantee stardom and the degree of a celebrity?” he asked in a recent social media post.

The simple definition of celebrity is “a famous person, especially in entertainment or sport. It is also the state of being well known....but, for what?”

“As the word itself is explained in the Oxford Dictionary, in Ghana, I think we got it all wrong, yes we do have ‘celebrities’ in our midst, many of which are not being celebrated enough, but yet still, many are quick to be branded with that word that has become so common that when I get called one, I shudder. Oh yes, to be very honest, do not call me a celebrity,” he said.

“You see, in today’s world where information travels with a dab of a finger, it is important that the so-called celebrities of our era show a very positive side to the name. Of course we are entitled to freedom of speech ... but in all fairness, what some of our so-called celebrities are putting out there spells desperation, attention seeking and total disregard for one’s self-esteem.

“Also be mindful that the youth of today hate to read, so the social media platforms become their ultimate source of hot gossip and celeb scoop,” he stated.

“So here goes, since when did having followers above 200k on social media platforms guarantee stardom and the degree of a celebrity? Since when did wannabe porn stars become adored public figures? Since when did gashing out insults and using profane languages become a trendy thing for you to become a celeb? You are here to be allowed to influence, to be respected, quoted and used as a beacon of hope.”

Kweku Elliot continued, “Let’s be fair, we have abused social media platforms, we are living lies and misguiding our youth on what being a famous and celebrated person should really mean. To my dear celebs, stop being that case of going to Circle to buy a phone only to get home to find a bar of soap in it, because really the packaging only attracts, it’s the product inside that makes the final cut.

“You are being watched everywhere you go, you think they don’t see? No one lives on an island in this industry, your business is everyone’s business whether you like it or not. Let us beware of that, and not taken lightly. Because one day; your reputation will precede all. Not your followers on social media,” he concluded.

-Daily Guide