Get the detailed facts about gospel musician Lady Prempeh's bleaching saga...

[Written By: George Awiadem Maclean  EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

The 'ghost' of the infamous "Ama Boahema condense milk" seems to be rearing its ugly head on all Ghanaians once again.

The 'Yvonne Nelson Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter Lotion' and the recent 'Ama Boahema Condense Milk' mantras have all come and gone 'peacefully'???

Now the 'bleaching spotlight' seems to have been thrown on another gospel musician who has been missing in action for quite some time now.

And she's none other than Lady Prempreh who has some wonderful gospel albums to her credit.

Accra based Hitz FM in an earlier post on their facebook timeline had combined or placed two different photos side by side of the gospel musician with one showing her natural skin colour as we knew her then and the other purporting to show her supposedly bleached skin.

Image below: The edited photo posted by Hitzfm
Lady Prempeh hitzfm

Lady Prempeh who later wrote she got wind of the said posted image of her on facebook by a guy, quickly replied with a message on her timeline which reads:

"Good morning family, I woke up this morning to be informed of some guy having my image making the rounds that I have been bleaching. Well, this is me this morning still in Italy, not hiding anywhere so you can find me . I love u all."

Now there are some reports already claiming she has posted some supposedly 'new' photos of her to quash the rumours of her bleaching but per the checks made by yours truly,, there haven't been quite 'enough' as reported. Ooops!

As matter of fact, all the supposedly 'new' photos she's said to have posted to debunk the rumours had all been posted earlier before the supposedly 'bleached' one shared by Hitz FM on facebook.

As of the time of publication, these were the only four 'new' pictures she had posted on her facebook timeline including the one she had 'used' in debunking the rumours:Lady Prempeh new1

Lady Prempeh new2

Lady Prempeh new3

Lady Prempeh new4

Here are some of the supposedly 'new' pictures she's reported to have posted to debunk the said bleaching rumours:

Lady Prempeh old1

Lady Prempreh old2

And here are the main photos which seem to have sparked the controversy of her bleaching:

Lady Prempeh controvertial1

Lady Prempeh controvertial2

But the multimillion New Ghana Cedi question still remains: has Lady Prempeh bleached her skin?