Fire for fire: Hammer of the last 2 gets a reply for firing...

[WRITTEN BY: George Awiadem Maclean   EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Anyway, for those of you who seem to have no idea of what is happening here, first published a story about Obrafour and the reply we got from Hammer of the last 2 on facebook was "NONSENSE" for having done that story.

Read here the full story we earlier published about Obrafour: Obrafour warns NPP, others not to use his song

We simply ignored the "NONSENSE" comment because of the enormous respect we have for him (Hammer).

However, he came back with another reply that reads: 

"Read the story and tell me if that heading is appropriate.

"This is the second time a solid fm interview is producing wrong signals.

"They just lost their interview privileges in our world."

Now, from the numerous calls we've been getting and the fact that behind the scenes, he (Hammer) even wants the story to be pulled down as if he owns, we think it's about time he got told what he needs to be told:

Issue number 1

The story was written and published by from an interview Solid 103.7 FM's 'Entertainment Edge' conducted with Obrafour. The story was NOT written by the radio station.

And, as a different media entity, has its editorial policy and decides on what to do editorially just as you choose to produce whatever songs you like without anybody instructing you on what to do.

Nobody, and I repeat, nobody dictates to us what to do editorially; not even Solid 103.7 FM's 'Entertainment Edge' from whose interview we picked and wrote the story!

For we those at, our motto is very simple: we don't publish stories to TEASE and neither do we publish stories to PLEASE anybody!!!

The least we could do, would be to volunteer ourselves to take advice and even with that one, it doesn't come that cheap, trust me.

Issue Number 2 is not aware of any other published story from Solid FM's 'Entertainment Edge' you claim has been sending "wrong signals" to your camp apart from this Obrafour's story.

Issue Number 3

Can you come again on this one: "... they (Solid 103.7 fm) just lost their interview privileges in our world?"

Really?! SMH! What a woooooooow!

We don't want to believe that henceforth, you are going to extinct "your world of interview privileges" from the public eye including all the other radio and TV stations which broadcast live to "nonsensical" persons like us (

And we also don't want to believe that they all would soon be losing "your world of interview privileges"... ***Wink, wink, wink*** Another what a wooooow!

Sorry my big bro Da Hammer, but this sounds like a bad PR to any discerning mind out there, you know!

Remember, in this technological world, one can sit anywhere (be it China or Papua New Guinea) and record, re-write and re-publish a story from any program that is broadcast live to the general public.

Issue Number 4

So, exactly what is not 'appropriate' with the said headline and the 'nonsense' about it?

Okay, so Hammer, when you tell me privately or publicly not to use any of your produced songs especially when you know the motive for which I'm going to use the song doesn't morally suit or sit with your conscience and very much so, when you know the 'product (or song)' you're trying to protect isn't tangible enough to physically hold and protect from being taken and that, I could technologically take it and "misuse" it before you become 'wild' and start chasing me for damages; do I need you (Hammer) to tell me you are "issuing a strong warning" to me not to use the song before I infer from or get to understand that you're 'warning' me in advance not to use the song? SMDMH!!!

Oh, so you liked the "goodies" of the story but not the headline all because you feel it didn't 'suit' you or has "tarnished" your camp's image as you claim? Again, another what a wooooow!!!

Maybe, I'm the only one who can't seem to get the logic here: the caption or heading didn't say Obrafour had won a Grammy whilst the body of the story talked about him having farmed 100,000 acres of land at 'Bumprugu Yoyo'.

The caption is the story and the story is the caption. It is that Simple!

You don't decide for us what we write and publish same as we couldn't decide for you to stop producing "Oy3 nonsense" for Kwaw Kesse to diss Kontehene or to tell Obrafour not to bring out the 'Kasiabo' song (a song some of us personally liked for technical reasons) to 'diss' or 'tarnish' someone's reputation for all the media hype.

My big bro Hammer, make us not dislike what we already like! ***Word***

Take it or leave it, for any discerning mind out there, this story has rather strengthened Obrafour's position on being apolitical which is very good to the reputation of any serious artiste who wants to remain relevant to all and sundry and not just a group of people or one party.

The bottom line of the whole story was that, he (Obrafour) said he wasn't going to allow that or support any political party with his song!

And were these not the words you read in the story? So what is the nonsense here?

In a nut shell, please Bra )fa Hammer, do you tell Daily Guide the same "nonsense" when their banner headline reads: Nana Akufo Addo jabs President Mahama for stealing NPP's Free SHS ...? Are the two Ghana's strongest 'boxers' to be jabbing each other? SMH! What a wooooow to the wooooow!